3 in 1 Outdoor Emergency Whistle with compass and thermometer

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Three-in-one life-saving whistle - compass thermometer outdoor standby multifunctional life-saving whistle portable with hanging rope

Whistle, thermometer, compass, three in one

(Compass is liquid-filled, with higher accuracy)

When you get lost in the forest, whistling is a tool to help you signal. Regular whistling requires much less energy than shouting, and high-pitched whistles travel far.
[Product Function]

1. High decibel Survival Sentinel

2. Finger North (South) Needle

3. Thermometer

4. Nylon hanging rope (more convenient to carry with you, rope length is about 40 cm (can be suspended on the neck)

Weight: about 20g

Length: about 63mm

Width: about 30 mm