360° High Pressure Sink Sprayer

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Save up to 70% of water used daily

It features a 360° rotatable tap nozzle with a unique 3-mode spray function, helping you to reduce waste of water efficiently. 

  1. Jet mode: Use when washing stubborn stains. The new hydraulic pressing mechanism increases water pressure by 84% compared to normal.
  2. Shower mode: This is a mechanism that helps speed up water discharge but does not create great pressure. This mode is used for quick flushing but does not damage items or fruits.
  3. Fruit Mode: This is a mechanism to save up to 70% of your daily water use. This is a simple mechanism, limiting the amount of water released by minimizing drainage holes and reducing water pressure to help you save more than 70% of the water used daily. This mechanism is suitable for washing fruits, avoiding damaging fruits.
  4. 360° rotation mode: Help you easily clean up every nook and cranny you want 

Fits round faucets and installs easily! 
This product comes with a universal attachment to fit your faucet.

What Others Are Saying

  • The Premium Plastic Sink Sprayer will come with only the plastic sprayer
  • The Inox Steel will come with 2 parts: 1 x Inox sink sprayer and 1 x Inox connection.