Bike Derailleur Wheel 11T Hollow Aluminium Alloy Jockey Wheel Rear Derailleur

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Name:RISK Ceramic Back Dial Guide Wheel for Bicycle

Quatity :1 Wheel (Add double for your normal use).

Brand : RISK

Material: Aluminum Alloy + Smooth Ceramic Bearing

Inner Diameter: 6mm (Fixed and Variable Diameter Sleeve 5/4mm)

Number of teeth: 11T

Thickness: 8.4mm

Weight: 9.3g

6061 aluminium alloy, after CNC milling, polishing and polishing, anodizing and other processes, so as to present us with a delicate metal texture. The main body adopts hollow-out design to make it lighter.

  • New structure of clip spring makes riding smoother.
  • 11 teeth for 8/9/10/11 speed back dialing.
  • Installation Shaft Outer Diameter Compatible 4/5/6mm.
  • Light weight aluminium alloy, hollow turning.
  • Flexible rotation, quiet and moist.

Suitable for guide sprocket and tension wheel

This guide wheel adopts clamp spring fixed structure which is compatible with guide sprocket and tension wheel.

Lower your rotational mass for quicker, smoother acceleration and higher speeds with less effort with our remarkable new ceramic jockey pulleys.

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