Bubble Pet Travel Backpack - Breathable Capsule Astronaut Dog Cat Carrier

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Looking for an alternative bag to take your pet out? This pet backpack is designed for your comfort as well as your pets! The transparent dome allows them to observe the people around them and enjoy the scenery.

Let your pet experience and discover more with this inventive design! Explore the world with your pet!

  • Pet Backpack Carrier - Optimize your carrying effort. Keep your pet safe and comfortable when you take him/her out. Small pets up to 14 pounds, such as small cats, rabbits, and dogs can be easy to keep in the carrier.

  • Transparent Semi-sphere Window Design - Stop your pet from escaping and keep them safe in your care. Allow your pet to enjoy the scenery and interact with the outside world.

  • Adjustable Padded Straps & Bright Outer Shell - The Padded straps for carrying comfort can be adjusted in length. The shell keeps the interior space of the backpack stable and spacious.
  • Mesh Panels, Ventilation Holes & Built-in Security Leash - Soft washable bottom cover, top & side entries for maximum accessibility, Built-in security leash - all for comfort, convenience and safety.

  • Top Quality and Durable - Made of PC/ABS, Acrylic, High-quality Oxford fabric material, and soft-sided frame.


Backpack Size: 16.5 x 12.6 x 11.4 inches(42 x 32 x 29 cm)
Backpack Weight: 2.64 lbs(1.2kg)
Diameter of Window: 6.7 inches(17 cm)
Max Bearing: 14 lbs(6.5kg)

Bubble Pet Travel Backpack - Breathable Capsule Astronaut Dog Cat Carrier