Outdoor Mesh Sensory Swing

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Calming Sensory Mesh Swing

Introduce you a Fun and CALMING product
perfect for your kids the MESH THERAPY SWING

Isn’t it a struggle when kids are crying, seeking attention or they are just being too playful? How do we manage and control this situation? Worry no more! This Calming Sensory Mesh Swing is a perfect therapy for your kids! You now have an excellent way to help children explore their comfort zones. Above all else, swings are fun, right?

This Outdoor Mesh Therapy Swing is calming support and also a fun therapy for children of all ages and abilities. It allows fun development aid that provides a fun place to swing and rest while supporting kids with autism, low muscle tone, sensory processing disorder and hyperactivity. A perfect swing where children can retreat and relax.

As a parent it is always a STRUGGLE on how are we going to CALM our children. Whether it is an angry emotion, trouble in focusing or too much energy, we are always having a hard time making them calm down.


  • ENJOYABLE & AMUSING. Introduce this Calming Sensory Mesh Swing to your kids and let them spin and swing for a couple of minutes, guaranteed your child will be happy in places and situations you never thought possible!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This Calming Sensory Mesh Swing is well-designed for accessible use that is perfect for your on-the-go travels. The swing can be used indoors as well as outside. A handy swing for every family and therapist.
  • ALL-PURPOSE MESH SWING: Aside from an amusing swing, it is an advantageous calming therapy for kids’ meltdowns, anger and mean streaks, difficulty in transitioning, compulsions, self-harming trouble in focusing, or too much of being energetic.

  • STRONG & WELL-MADE: This Calming Sensory Mesh Swing is made of high-quality design of heavy-duty mesh that is virtually indestructible and can hold up to 80kg. It is a soft and stretchy material that provides enough resistance to allow children to move or just lie still.
  • A USEFUL & ENTERTAINING SWING: Like all the swings in our range these Calming Sensory Mesh Swings are fantastic for gross motor development and vestibular input, they encourage children to socialize and interact, and they’re an excellent way to help all children explore their comfort zones. They provide an environment that encourages activity and movement, but also offer a place where children can retreat and relax.
  • EASY TO INSTALL & WASH: It takes less than 60 seconds to set up. Calming Sensory Mesh Swing can be hung from a doorway bar using two carabineers or hung from a ceiling suspension. In all cases the swing should have approximately 1m of space from all walls and obstructions and sit high enough off the ground that it doesn’t touch when in use. These are also machine washable on a cold setting.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 82*82cm
  • Capacity: 80kg



Q: Can I use this outside too? Or will it get ruined if it rains?
A: I would not recommend hanging outside unless you plan to remove it every time your done swinging. It will mildew in the rain and the sun will eventually damage the fabric. You can do it if you remove it and hang it every time.

Q: Is there a way to hang this from a drop ceiling?
A: You have to hang it above into the stud then create a hole in the drop ceiling that allows for movement. I would suggest removing a tile.

Q: What is the fabric made from? It says "nylon," but is it a blend?
A: Our compression swing is made of a 2-way stretch 100% nylon tricot fabric.

Q: Can this be adjusted for height- looking for under a loft bed?
A: Our sensory swing is adjustable but you will need a minimum of 6 1/2 feet to hang.

Q: How much floor space do you need to accommodate a good swing amount?
A: Probably 3ft + from any wall, bed, etc. Most installed it in a corner, by a wall and closet. Works great!

Q: What are the washing instructions for the swing?
A: To wash our therapy swing use a cold water delicate wash cycle and hang it to dry.