Clothes Drying Rack Retractable Hanging Rack Wall Mounted

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Tired of tripping over or constantly moving drying racks, or dodging stuff on hangers hung on the shower rod? Looking to free up some space at home? The Clothes Drying Rack Retractable Hanging Rack Wall Mounted is the solution and the best choice! This drying rack is amazing! It works well in small spaces, and has everything you want for your small laundry room. It’s perfect for drying baby items and other clothing that cannot be hung. You are going to love that the rack takes so little room when it is not being used. It is practical and space-saving; can be set up in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, terrace, or your preferred space at home.

This type of drying clothesline is very practical and useful, due to the compactness of its design when it is placed and the large amount of useful surface for hanging when it is deployed. Another advantage that it has is that its use is very simple.

Simple extend and retract system. After drying the clothes, you pick up the clothesline and use the space for something else. 5 hanging lines; large capacity to dry more clothes at once. It is an automatic clothesline that can be quickly retracted at the touch of a button; the clothesline winds itself into the housing. You can use it indoors and outdoors. You can mount them anywhere. Ideal for large families due to its large capacity.

In addition to being practical to use and store, it is very discreet when closed. Because it is small, you have the possibility of placing it in any corner of the house.
 Easy installation and handling. Light and versatile.


Clothes Drying Rack Retractable Hanging Rack Wall Mounted Specifications:
Material: ABS
Color: White
Size: 36.4x10.2x6.3 cm/14.3x4x2.5 inches
The maximum length of each line 3.75 m/147.6"
Distance between each line 65 mm/2.6"

Clothes Drying Rack Retractable Hanging Rack Wall Mounted Features:
● 5 retractable lines with 12.3-feet of drying space.
● Practical and space-saving clothes line for the bath, kitchen, balcony or terrace.
● Compact pull-out clothes lines, provide a great deal of space for your laundry.
● Easy to fix between two walls, can be extended without restriction up to 3.75 m/147.6"
● The clothes line always stay clean and dust-free in its container.
● Easy set up and take down.
● Clothesline retracts when is not in use
● Mounting hardware included
● Ideal for energy conscious consumers

The rack is convenient to use:
The clothesline can be locked to the desired length.
The locking mechanism holds the clotheslines tight.
When the clotheslines are not required, they may be conveniently retracted out of the way.

Please allow 1-3 mm error due to manual measurement. 

Package Includes:
1 x Retractable 5 Line Clothes Rack