5-in-1 Electric Head Shaver

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🥰Perfectly shave your head in less than 60 minutes👨‍🦲

Does it take you almost half of your day to perfectly shave you head? Now, you can effortlessly shave your head in the morning within only 60 seconds!

Look fresh and cared for every day

  •  Suitably flexes and follows the natural contours 🥰 of your head so you can look your best ever single day
  • Collects shaved hair into inner storage compartment which minimized cleaning time🪒
  • Never have to fear uneven shaving 👨‍🦲or having bald spots ever again

Ergonomically designed

  • Safer to use than traditional shavers because it leaves no wounds or irritation to skin🥰
  • Built with 5 sharp blades 🪒for a maximized and precise shaving experience
  • No shaving cream and disposable blades needed so you can save time and money👨‍🦲 

Wireless and waterproof

  • No more strangling from wires because it was designed with no wires attached🥰
  • Never worry about having short circuits because this device can be safely wet and is waterproof👨‍🦲
  • Save time in the morning by shaving in the shower altogether🪒