Lightweight Outdoor Survival Military Compass

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Clear and accurate scale - 1 degree resolution and 1/2 degree accuracy.

 Dry compass capsule & flexible induction dampened needle - ensure quick movement and optical precision.

 Equipped with reference table (at base), sighting mirror, sighting hole, adjustable sighting points, sighting hairline ,bubble level and clinometer level.

 Lightweight & compact and foldable rugged plastic case for easy storage and transport. (3.7oz)

 Vertical angle clinometer scale featuring 1 degree increments has a range of 90 degrees or 100% grade scale with an accuracy of 1/2 degree.



±0.5° High precision

Accurate reading, Professional and Reliable

The accuracy of the compass represents the reliability of the compass positioning,

the professional work such as geological exploration and downhole positioning must reach ±0.5 degrees.


Micro-damping positioning pointer

5 seconds to specify the direction, accurate and convenient

This compass adopts a micro-damping structure,

which has shorter positioning time and more accurate and reliable degrees.


High-strength thermoelastic case

Lightweight and Durable

It is made of high-strength thermo-elastic shell, shockproof and anti-drop,

the weight only 106g, compact and portable

Good sealing​ and waterproof

Not afraid of the wind and rain, go forward

The dial has a good seal to prevent moisture and dust from entering,

it can also be used in the water.


Fluorescent dial design

Luminous Effect:Phosphor powder can be seen under the irradiation of natural light,

fluorescent light or uv light.

The longer hours the irradiation,the more durable the luminous effect.

Note:There is no luminous effect without irradiation


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