Floating Ball Shooting Game

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Now you can have a unique way to spend your time with your kids and family, the most enjoyable and thrilling shooting game that even adults can play with the all-new Floating Ball Shooting Game.Reload-aim and fire! With the adjustable wind vortex, the thrill and fun experience you get is incomparable!  Test your aiming skills with each other, challenge your friend and family to a sharp shooting challenge!Perfect for holidays, past-time entertainment, family gatherings and more! Enjoy the ultimate shooting experience!



Develops Coordination
Enhances visual space skills and cultivate hand-eye coordination and concentration in an exciting and thrilling game.
Adjustable Wind Vortex

You can rotate the button to control the wind power, change the floating height of the ball, increase the difficulty, and let the children enjoy the fun of challenging the game goal.
4-C type battery, low power consumption.
Safe Interactive Game
Players of all ages will certainly enjoy this type of game because it is interactive and safe.


  • Dimension: 33.6 x 28 x 9.8 cm
  • Weight: 739 g


  • 1 x Air Blowing Base
  • 3 x Soft Darts
  • 10 x Floating Balls
  • 1 x Shooting Gun