Car High Pressure Cleaning Tool

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The Ultimate Easy To Use And Satisfying Car Cleaning Tool Ever Made!

Does your car need that long needed or daily freshen up?

Our High Pressure Cleaning Gun Is Perfect tool for any situations!

This is an all in one solution cleaning gun that will significantly rejuvenate and renew your vehicle interior or exterior from leather seats, carpets and plastic to your rims and engine bay this tool does it all reaching even the toughest and hard to get places!

The Car Cleaning Gun will have your car looking like the first day you got her!

Saves You Time And Money

High Quality Design

No Water Streaks And Dries Instantly

Significantly Improves Any Clean

No more spending thousands on car detailing jobs from a professional when you can now do it yourself with ease!

No Experience Necessary!

This Car Cleaner lets you bring what used to be only accessible by expert body shops and detailers to now the comfort of your own home.

Safe For All Vehicle Surfaces!

Using this innovative technology and design the cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip combined with high pressure creates a tornado like blast that easily lifts and removes dirt, grime and any other built up contaminants that might be hard to clean.

It connects with your air compressor to give it that strong high pressured power along with water or cleaning solution making it the go to for any vehicle surface.

The Results Speak For Itself!

Ruined stained seats with compiled hard to clean dirt is easily broken up and blasted away with the High Pressure Cleaning Gun making cleaning easy and results so much more satisfying.


Fit for most air compressors and air tools. This tool works best with an air compressor that produces a constant air pressure of at least 80 psi/100 psi.(Pounds per square inch)

*Air compressor not included


Material: Aluminium Alloy Handle+Plastic Bottle
Water Storage Volume: 1L
Bottle Color: White
Size: 31.5 x 22.2cm/12.4'' x 8.74''
Brush Length: 15.3cm / 6.02''
Bottle Bottom Diameter: 12.7cm / 5''
Package Weight: 1.2KG