Inflatable Airplane Neck Pillow

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Inflatable Airplane Neck Pillow

Trying to fall asleep on a plane is incredibly difficult, but having the right traveling pillow can help you get some shut-eye during your epic flight across oceans and continents. The Inflatable Travel Pillow is our top pick because it is comfortable, very portable, and affordable.

Save Time And Energy

When you’re in transit to an airport or your hotel, you can deflate the pillow very easily, fold it up and shove it in a corner of your bag. When you’re ready to use it, just press the pump a few time to Inflate the pillow.


  • Easy to inflate by hand: The traveling pillow can be fully inflated by your hand with about 1 minute, just gently press the round air pump instead of your mouth. This is the best travel pillow for planes, cars, buses, trains, camping, even when you rest in the office, watching TV at home. Convenient and practical pillow

  • Foldable and lightweight: After use, you can pull out the air and then fold the pillow to a small square, one pillow weighs only 85g, just put it in your pocket or in your bag, you can take it no matter where and when you go

  • Soft and Waterproof fabric: Milk silk TPU fabric, soft feel - stretch knitted polyester fabric, soft and smooth, waterproof, TPU valve, PVC gas nozzle, fast inflation, to prevent leakage

  • Adjustable buttons: 2 buttons at the end of the pillow, make it adjustable and fits for different people. buttons also make the pillow more steady on your neck, making it, indeed, the best travel pillow.

NOTE: Please keep the pillow pressure below the maximum when you are on a plane because the air will expand slightly as the air pressure decreases.


  • Material: milk + TPU inflatable valve

  • Size: 40cm x 28cm / 15.7" x 11"

  • Weight: 90g / 3.2oz

  • Color: Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Teal