Mini Frisbee Random Color

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Introducing a fun and exciting activity for you and your friends and family!

The all new MINI FRISBEE!

  • A cool and fun portable play catch game for everyone!
  • A soft and flexible mini disc that can surely give fun and excitement to your next game.

Mini Frisbee is a SMALL and UNIQUE toy to PLAY CATCH at short range for leisure or spread way out to test your skill. It can FLY OVER 200 ft. / 65 yds. It is PORTABLE as it is only POCKET SIZE that enables spontaneous fun in never-before-played locations. You can play anytime, anywhere! The more you throw this Mini Frisbee the better you will get, and the more fun you'll have. It has a STABLE FLIGHT as the LEVEL RELEASE is equal to LEVEL flight and ANGLED RELEASE is equal to a CURVE flight that EQUATES to PREDICTABLE and ACCURATE THROWS.

Mini Frisbee is BUOYANT that is READY to be played at the beach or pool as it can FLOAT in WATER. It is SOFT and FLEXIBLE which makes it SAFE to CATCH even with the pressure of throwing.

Mini Frisbee is PERFECT for ANY of AGE. It can be played by TWOs or as a GROUP. As you get better, it can also serve as a WORKOUT ACTIVITY.