Mini USB UV Sterilization Lamp - Kills 99.9% Germs

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Mini USB UV Sterilization Lamp - Kills 99.99% Germs.

UV Sterilization Lamp as proven in practice, with scientific use, the light can kill 99.99% dust. The light is suitable for toothbrushes, mobile phones, pens, glasses, and other light-emitting items. The lightweight hand holding design saves space and can be used at any time for the required area. 
Mini USB UV Sterilization Lamp

Destroys odor-causing bacteria and mold in an instant. Special UV-C technology of UV sanitizing light kills more than 99% of bacteria within just a few seconds.

☛ Benefits of UV Sterilization Lamp

  • Long service life, high transmission rate, and better sterilization effect.
  • UV+Ozone double kills germs and viruses within a few minutes, the rate of up to 99.99%. Low-density ozone, please feel free to use it.
  • Portable can be used anywhere.
  • It can be used in a refrigerator, car, bedroom, kitchen, shoe cabinet, washing room, baby's room, pet house, and other small spaces.


☛ Why Use UV Sterilization Lamp?

Unlike chemical approaches to water disinfection, UV light provides rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. When bacteria, viruses, and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.

☛ How does UV Sterilization Lamp work?

“Did you know that ozone only takes 10 seconds to kill 99 percent of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, and viruses – 3,500 times faster than chlorine”

This is because one molecule of ozone is equal to 3,000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine. Being the most powerful and rapidly-acting oxidizing agent on earth, ozone is the best killer of destructive, disease-causing organisms. It has even been proven that ozone kills cancer cells upon contact! Other healing mechanisms of ozone include:

  • Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa
  • Stimulation of oxygen metabolism
  • Activation of the immune system

Ozone is successful in fighting illnesses because it goes directly into the body’s cells! 


If you have allergies to perfumes and can't use room deodorizer, this UV light sterilizer may help you by eliminating odors without any perfume in the air.

Mini USB UV Sterilization Lamp


Q: Can I put UV Sterilization Lamp in my home?
A: Yes – UV Sterilization Lamp has been safely used in homes, as well as in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, doctors″ offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants and other commercial and residential environments throughout the world - any place a concern for clean air exists.

Q: Do UV Sterilization Lamp kill viruses?
A: Yes -UV Sterilization Lamp kills up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria, and mold spores.

Q: How hot do the lamps get?
A: Germicidal UVC lamps do not produce much heat - about the same as fluorescent lamps.

☛ Specifications:

  • Wavelength: 253.7 nm UV
  • Lamp tube life: 2000 hours
  • Lamp power: 3W (Max)
  • Recommended sterilization distance: 50mm
  • Weight: 250g (excluding batteries).
  • Power supply:  battery/USB power 
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 400mA
  • Battery: 4x AAA / 6V (excluding battery)
  • Charging method: Battery power and USB power. 

☛ Packing Included:

  • 1 Pcs X Mini USB UV Sterilization Lamp
  • 1 Pcs X Manual 
  • 1 Pcs X USB


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