Mosquito Trap USB Electric Photocatalytic Indoor Mosquito Killer LED Light

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The warm weather is great, the fresh air floating through your house, so wonderful, except for that annoying buzzing sound next to your ear. MOSQUITO! You swat at it but you just can’t seem to get it in the dark. Oh, now there is another one and you start wondering how the kids are doing in the next room, if there is one in the baby’s room. So much for a relaxing night. The photocatalytic mosquito killer is the answer to those buzzing annoyances that are keeping you up at night. This quite mosquito trap attracts them with its soft ultraviolet light and then sucks them in when they get into the vortex suction created by the fan and unique vortex design. Once there they are pulled into the mosquito trap where they will die. So, sleep comfortably as you and your family are mosquito free.


-368nm ultraviolet light, specifically designed to attract mosquitos, this 360 ° LED light efficiently attracts mosquitos to the source where they are trapped.
-This soft light is totally safe (no heat, no radiation, no pollution),
-Healthier with no smell that traditional pest repellent, spray and incense have.
-Powered by USB so you can connect this with an adapter, power bank, computer or any device with a USB port.
-The fan pulls the surrounding air into the vortex, so that the mosquitoes that tend to fly with the airflow come with the wind. As they get close they are pulled into the vortex tunnel and sucked into the bottom mosquito trap by the strong vortex.
-When the mosquito is sucked into the catching grid, it can’t escape the chamber as the suction is too strong and then dies as it dehydrates from the constant moving air.
-Effective area of 645 square feet (60 square meters), for living room, bedroom, study.
-The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insects; simply remove the tray for cleaning and disposal of bugs


Material: ABS
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 5W 0.33-1A
Power supply: USB
Color: white
Rated voltage: 110~220V
USB cable Length: 90cm


Package Included:

1x Mosquito Killer Light
1x USB interface cable


1.Please use it for more than 48 hours for best results. Works best if the only light in the room is from the mosquito trap.

2.Check and empty mosquito trap frequently (Daily).