Power-Free Handheld Pasta Maker

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  • EASY OPERATION: Easy operation, saving time, ideal for making your noodles in seconds, help you saving more time in your kitchen. You can make different types of fresh pasta, make the cooking process much more enjoyable.

  • 5 DIFFERENT MOLDS: The noodle machine comes with 5 mold heads for you to make noodles in different size and shape. You can make thin noodle, middle noodle, flat noodle, fettuccine, dough drop noodle etc.
  • MULTI-USE: Make delicious noodle, mince garlic or ginger and extract juice using one tool. Easy operation, save time, natural and harmless, tasteless and non corrosive, can be cleaned by water.
  • SAFE TO USE: This pasta maker can be easily operated even with young kids!  It is non-toxic, rust and corrosion-free and is not dangerous to human health.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Disassemble this pasta maker and wash with soap and water. Keep it dry and store for safekeeping.
    1. Choose Mold
    2. Insert Noodle/Pasta
    3. Turn and Squeeze handle
    4. Your Noodles/Pasta
Product Specification:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Available Options: 2 Heads / 5 Heads 

Package Options:

  • 2 Heads - 1 set Express Pasta Maker with 2 Heads ( random selected )
  • 5 Heads - 1 set with 5 Heads included ( as shown in picture )