Sunshade Beach Tent

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 Sunshade Beach Tent

The Sunshade Beach Tent provides stylish sun protection and will be able to upgrade every outdoor activity you can imagine. Made from special microfiber fabric, the beach tents adhere to strict Australian UV protection, ensuring you are safe from the sun rays. Built to last, these sun shades are extremely easy to set up and can even be done with just one person. Simply spread out the sunshade on the sand and fill the sandbags at each corner. After filling the sandbags, stretch the shade until it will no longer go further. Finally, extend and place the support poles inside the beach sun shader tent and you’re done! The shade come in sizes large enough to fit 2, 4 or even 6 people, offering plenty of shade for everyone. They come in a variety of colors which will definitely make it easy for spotting your friends at a bus.

☛ Features:

- High-quality materials Premium and durable Lycra with UV protection SPF 50

- 4 SANDBAGS at the end of the rope for heavy duty work for strong fastening Just fill them with sand, stone or whatever is free until you think it's full, then fill it up.

- If the area is crowded, just shorten the rope.

- 2 adjustable poles at the fully open opening of 6.5 feet

- The tent can withstand winds of up to 20 miles per hour.

- Carry bag for easy portability and nothing lost on the way

- Easy to follow instructions


1. Remove your Sunshade Beach Tent from the bag and lay it on the ground

2. Fill the anchor bags to their maximum with sand (or rocks, or whatever is handy in your location) and pull the drawstring closed

3. Pull the anchor bags away from each other, stretching out the Sunshade Beach Tent as you go

4. Insert the poles under the Sunshade Beach Tent, with the round end into the material, creating your desired shade. Remember, if it's windy, you should position your Sunshade Beach Tent facing the direction of the wind.


1. Your Sunshade Beach Tent carry bag - so you can take your Sunshade Beach Tent wherever you like!

2. Your Sunshade Beach Tent

3. Four anchor bags and 4 FREE pegs as an alternative

4. Two poles


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