Ultra-Thin Tracing Stencil Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad

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Our portable Ultra-Thin Tracing Stencil Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad is a great tool for artists, designers, animators, architects because it allows you to draw, trace or sketch on the go. No matter where inspiration strikes, your working table is there. It has an easy to use touch sensor and 3 light settings (bright, medium and low). Easy to charge via a USB cable, so you can get the power supply from a computer, a USB adaptor or even a power bank. 


Running out of ideas on how to keep your children entertained? Our Ultra-Thin Tracing Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad will capture their attention and imagination for hours! They can trace, sketch, draw, and create their own cartoons. Drawing develops fine motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination and helps establish concentration, amount other things. Your children will be having fun and you will have peace of mind knowing they are engaging in an activity that is great for their developing brain. Because it's made of acrylic, it feels like glass, but it's super lightweight and safe. It also has an eyesight protective film and an eco-friendly LED light. 

Aside from sketching, tracing and drawing, our Ultra-Thin Stencil Tracing Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad is also great for 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, scrapbooking, tattoo transferring, sewing projects, stained glass, quilting, and even X-ray viewing. It's also incredibly thin (less than 0.2" in thickness) so it's super easy to carry along with you. The A4 (8 x 12") surface gives you lots of space to work on. 

Touch sensor. By holding down the power button you can easily adjust the light brightness to low, medium or high. To turn on/off just press the power button once. Our Ultra-Thin Tracing Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad is flicker-free and because of its 1.5w it will not heat up. 


    Works great with different types of paper (light to heavy) and even lightweight fabrics. Connect the USB to a power bank and you can use it anywhere. If you prefer the mesh dots not to show you can place a white sheet of printing paper under the image you want to trace. 

    Ultra-Thin Tracing Stencil Light Box Dimmable Drawing LED Light Pad Features:
    • Lightweight, less than 11 oz. 

    •  Built-in filter protects your eyesight. 

    • Great to keep children entertained for hours.

    • Heavy-duty acrylic feels like glass, but is safe to handle.

    • Ultra-thin design makes it easy to carry anywhere.



    • Material: Acrylic

    • Light Source: Bright LED

    • Input Voltage: DC 5V

    • Wattage: 1.5W

    • USB Cable: 6.5 ft

    • Lumen: 2000 lm

    • Size: A4 (330 x 215 x 4.5 mm)


    Included in Package:

    • 1 LED Drawing Pad

    • 1 USB Cable

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