Silke Wrap Bra

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Get Rid of Back Fat and Saggy Breasts with Silke Studio Wrap Bra!

Silke Studio's Wrap Bra instantly lifts and provides the ultimate breast support that stops sagging

WITH This Bra, You Can Wave Goodbye to:

  • Underwires!
  • Back Pain / Shoulder Pain
  • Saggy Breast
  • Back Fat , Bulges, Spillages and Bra Lines!
  • Chafing
  • Pain From Straps


Instantly Lifts & Supports Breasts

Reduces Side Breast Spillage & Sizes Up Your Breasts

Improves Posture by pulling your shoulders upright and pushing your chest forward.

Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging. Also, the breathable fabric & hollow design help reduces sweating & rashes