LCD Writing Tablet

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Unleash Your Imagination

TechSlate™ LCD Writing Tablet is engineered to feel just like writing with a pen on paper. The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button. 

Perfect For: 

  • Early learning for children
  • Creative Artists
  • Office Workers & Professionals 
  • Students
  • Journalists
  • And more!


  • TechSlate™ LCD Writing Tablet's surface creates colorful lines of different thickness based on how hard you push.

  • 10-inch anti-radiation and anti-glare LCD screen.

  • The lock key can freeze the content so that it ensures continuous writing or drawing.
  • One-click erase button to start over.

  • Built-in stylus dock also creates a convenient kickstand message board.
  • Powered by a button battery.
  • Lightweight and ultra-slim design.

  • Completely strain-free on the eyes and suitable for long-term use.
  • Easily fits in briefcases, school bags or backpack without the mess of crayons and markers.

  • Perfect for teaching, drawing, and writing.


  • Screen Size: 10 inch
  • Material: LCD + ABS material
  • Package Contains: 1 x TechSlate™ LCD Writing Tablet